Lesbian slang dictionary: the top queer lingo glossary. Someone so stereotypically queer from 100 feet away that you can spot them/

If you’re an infant dyke and don’t know very well what an infant dyke is, you’ll likely have to have a fast movie through this glossary of lesbian slang…

Before you turn into a target of cliterference while striking on a stud, or before you find that your particular chapstick lesbian buddy has been doing a u-haul along with her pillow princess gf.

For those who have simply no concept just what we’re speaing frankly about, keep on scrolling through our big fat lesbian dictionary to discover the lingo.


Someone therefore stereotypically queer that one can spot them from 100 legs away.


An individual who recently arrived being a lesbian.


The stereotypical proven fact that relationships between two females will fundamentally trigger a life that is sexless. Pretty derogatory, particularly when employed by individuals who assume that heteronormative intercourse is indeed fascinating so it’s still interesting after ten years together.


Somebody who will simply take part in lesbian tasks when intoxicated by liquor.


Somebody who has shown a pursuit in other ladies and may also have experimented.


A person who is submissive during intercourse.


The absolute most masculine of butch lesbians.


A lesbian who presents masculine.



Some who gift suggestions somewhere within feminine and masculine. Somewhere within femme and butch. Doesn’t wear lipstick – but might wear chapstick. (Or carmex. ) May determine as stem or soft butch.


Employed by the http://datingrating.net/russiancupid-review queer community to describe a person who is cisgender and heterosexual.


An individual gets within the real method of you striking on or getting it in with someone you’re interested in. It’s the version that is lesbian of blocking, essentially.


Another butch number of lesbian, just like bull dyke, but related to vehicles, brief hair and plaid shirts.


An individual who is interested in individuals who look the same as them.

Drag master

An individual who dresses in clothes more conventionally donned by males with exaggerated masculinity plus in masculine sex functions for activity or fashion. Not absolutely all drag kings are queer females, though the majority are.

Another term for lesbian. D erogatory when employed by individuals outside the LGBT+ community, but reclaimed by lesbians, and commonly accepted in the queer community.


A famous woman popular among queer ladies and viewed as an icon that is gay. Not always homosexual by by by herself.


A feminine lesbian.


A spot where you can find a lot of queers. Maybe it’s a club, pub or store, or a whole city, like Brighton and bay area.


A butch lesbian whom loves to clothe themselves in fine attire, like luxury matches and tuxedos, or whatever butch that is glamorous they fancy.


A lesbian who has got never really had sex with a person.

Some individuals find this term offensive given that it s heteronormative because it creates a hierarchy that devalues bisexual people, while some find the concept of virginity problematic. Therefore, it signifies that penis-in-vagina intercourse could be the only sex that counts, thus erasing the experiences of non-hetero people. Virginity depends upon being truly a heterosexual, cisgender person therefore neglects relationships and individuals that fall away from this. Snore.


A phrase employed by strange guys whom genuinely believe that they are able to cure lesbians with regards to golden penises.

Granola dyke

A lesbian that is vegan/vegetarian and enjoys using birkenstocks, consuming tofu, listening to people music, and playing the electric guitar, etc. Demonstrably a little bit of a label.


A lesbian who presents exceptionally feminine.

Lesbian prospective (LP)

“She’s got high LP. ” Or, “She’s got low LP. ” Used when scouting for, well, lesbian potential.


A femme, or feminine lesbian. Heterosexual people love commenting on lipstick lesbians – “You’re too pretty to be a lesbian, ” or, “You don’t seem like a lesbian. ” Not just is this bland and tiresome for femmes, in addition it suggests that lesbians whom aren’t femme aren’t attractive. Listed here are some more femme/lipstick lesbian dilemmas.

Pillow Princess

A person who is often the receiver in intercourse as opposed to the giver. This term is c ontroversial due to the fact Pillow Princess could be the submissive partner that is sexual and for that reason assumes on the ‘female’ role – i.e. Underneath. Society equates femininity with weakness, and so forth.


A person who claims to become a bisexual or lesbian, but who really just sleeps with/dates men.


Somebody who presents mostly masculine, but has some traits that are feminine. Comparable chapstick lesbian.


Pretty self explanatory. A lesbian who dresses in clothing that is sporty plays lots of sport.

A lesbian somewhere within stud and femme – so, stem. Might also determine as being a chapstick lesbian.


A woman that is queer presents excessively masculine.

A principal queer girl whom is often butch.


An individual who is a high and a bottom when you look at the bedroom – therefore she switches between being submissive and dominant.

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An individual who is principal during sex.


An individual who will endeavour any such thing as soon as.


Whenever lesbians spend money on a relationship rapidly. For instance, lesbians relocate together after three times of dating, kitties in tow.

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